Managed OwnCloud: The Perfect Solution for Small Teams and Startups

Managed OwnCloud Infinite Scale is an excellent choice for startups and SMBs that require a cost-effective and efficient file sharing and collaboration platform. The flexible per-user pricing model allows businesses to scale their file sharing solution as they grow, making it an ideal choice for small teams and startups looking for a reliable and adaptable file sharing platform.

Flexible Per-User Pricing

Startups, SMBs, and small teams can benefit from our cost-effective pricing model. With low monthly costs and flexible per-user pricing, you only pay for what you need, allowing you to scale your file sharing solution as your team grows. This pay-as-you-grow approach ensures that you can focus on your core business without worrying about excessive costs or complex pricing structures.

High-Performance NVMe Storage

Experience lightning-fast file access and seamless collaboration with OwnCloud’s high-performance all-flash NVMe storage. This cutting-edge storage technology dramatically increases data transfer rates and reduces latency, ensuring that your team can access and share files quickly and efficiently. With Managed OwnCloud Infinite Scale, you can provide your team with the tools they need to work effectively and stay ahead of the competition.

No Assembly Required

Managed OwnCloud takes the hassle out of file sharing by providing a fully hosted solution that requires no technical management on your part. Our expert team handles all aspects of hosting, maintenance, and support, allowing you to focus on your core business. With cutting-edge OwnCloud features and seamless integration with your existing infrastructure, Managed OwnCloud offers a worry-free file sharing solution that empowers your team to collaborate and innovate.

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Choose Managed OwnCloud for a high-performance, secure, and reliable file sharing solution that seamlessly integrates with your existing infrastructure and provides unparalleled control over your data.